How to upload a video to GoReact

Uploading a video

Watch a short video:

Review more in-depth information on uploading a video to GoReact: 

  1. If you are using a mobile device, see our Mobile section about uploading on mobile devices.
  2. Make sure the file you are going to upload is a standard video format file (.mpg, .mov, .mp4, etc.).  See our complete list of Supported formats for more information.
  3. Select the activity on the left side of the dashboard and press "Add Video".


  4. Enter a title and click "Upload".


  5. Click "Choose a video file" and select the file you want to upload. (The maximum file size allowed is 2GB.)


  6. Press "Start" to begin uploading your file.


  7. Once your video is finished uploading, you will see it process (this make take a few minutes depending on your connection speed). Once your video is finished processing, it will be posted and is ready for review by your instructor.
  8. If you experience any difficulties with your upload, see our Uploading Issues guide for help.

Stimulus Activities

If you are submitting to a Stimulus activity, we recommend recording directly in GoReact and not uploading your video, because it will not be synced with the stimulus. If your activity is a stimulus activity, please see How to Post to a Stimulus activity

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