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Please note:

Beginning December 2022, some non-educational institutions will have different terminology used in their GoReact experience. The terms Owner/Instructor and Participant/Presenter are interchangeable.

Please note:

If you are going to upload your video, see Uploading a video. If you are going to use a mobile device, see our Mobile guides.

Recording a video

Please follow these steps to record a video:

  1. Select the applicable assignment and click "Start Assignment."


    Or, depending on the version of GoReact you see, you may just see "start" at the bottom right of the GoReact dashboard.


  2. Add an optional title and click "Continue."


  3. Select the "Record" tab at the top, and click "Continue to Recorder."


  4. If you see the Equipment Check and it passes, click "Continue." If your equipment check fails, then your browser or computer needs to adjust it's settings to "allow" the camera/microphone.  For help enabling your camera/microphone see the Enabling your camera and microphone guide.


  5. Click "Record"!


What if the audio bar isn't moving?

When you speak, you'll want the audio to be in the green zone. If it's not in the green zone, see our Troubleshooting: audio guide.

How do I pause my video?

It's very simple! Just click "Pause".

How do I post my video?

It's very simple! Just click "Finish" and then "Post". After that, you can rewatch your video to make sure it's working properly.

Can I trim my video?

Yes, but only after clicking "post" and only on certain assignment types. For more detailed information, see our Trimming a video guide.  

How many times can I record to one assignment?

You can record as many times as you need on one assignment! You're not limited to just one video.

How do I know my instructor can see my video?

If you can watch it, they can too! Just make sure your instructor is looking at the same course/assignment that you posted to.

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