Recording a Group Presentation With Slides

Please Note:

This guide is specifically for group recording assignments with slides. For group recording without slides see this guide, or to record a single camera with slides see this guide.   

This guide uses our Screen Share feature. For more information on Screen Share, please review this guide: Screen Share.

Recording a group presentation with slides

Follow the steps below to record a group presentation with slides. Be advised that the instructions to start recording will be the same as Recording a Group Presentation Without Slides.

  1. Follow our Recording a Group Presentation Without Slides guide.
  2. Before clicking "Record", the student who will share the slides will click the screen capture icon screencapture.png and select the screen, application, or tab to share.


  3. Wait for everyone to join, and then have one presenter click "Record."
  4. Advance the slides, as necessary.


  5. When you are finished recording click "Finish," then "Post."
  6. Click "Leave" to exit the session.
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