Restart or Draft Your Video

GoReact is introducing the new Restart and Draft features for direct recordings!

The ability to Draft your video allows participants to save their video recordings as drafts, providing the flexibility to practice, refine, and complete their demonstrations over multiple sessions before submitting them for assignments

The ability to Restart your video allows participants to quickly restart their video demonstrations with a single click, streamlining the workflow and reducing the time spent on multiple steps to begin a new recording.

Please note

At first, these new features will slowly roll out to a small percentage of users, and then to everyone by August 1st, 2024.

Restarting Your Video

While recording, if you feel you need to Restart, just click "Restart" at the bottom, and you'll be given the option to start over.

Restart Video.png

After clicking "Restart", you will see a warning prompt verifying that you would like to restart. After confirming you would truly like to Restart, GoReact will automatically start your video over for you. Saving you a ton of time in the process!

Drafting Your Video

After recording, you'll be given the ability to watch your video again. At that time, you can decide if you would like to "Restart", "Delete", "Save Draft", or "Submit"

Save Draft.png

Clicking "Save Draft" sends you back to your GoReact Activity Dashboard, and shows you your video Draft. You can easily submit your session, by clicking on your video, and then "Submit".

Draft Session.png

You'll know your Session is in a draft status by the red "Draft" icon on the top right.

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