Video Recording Checklist

Follow these guidelines to prepare to record in GoReact:

  • Internet connection - Make sure you have a 0.5Mbps or better upload speed by testing your connection here. We strongly recommend a wired connection on the recording computer.
  • Recording equipment - Most cameras and microphones will work with GoReact, but it is always a good idea to test your recording equipment prior to recording.  This way, you can assure your camera and microphone are sufficient for the video/audio quality you desire.  For more information, see Which cameras work with GoReact?
  • Test recording - Record a short video to make sure your camera and microphone are enabled and working.  (Just make sure you aren't recording this on a single-attempt assignment!  Then, you can delete this video later.)  If you have more than one camera or microphone, you can check the inputs at the top of the recording screen to make sure the correct device(s) are selected. While on the recording screen, speak from the location where you'll be presenting from and check the audio meter to make sure that you're getting sufficient sound.  For the best results, the audio meter should consistently register in the green (not yellow or red).  


  • Browser readiness - GoReact requires that your browser is up to date. Run a quick update to make sure your browser is current. If your video and/or audio are not working, make sure to step through the Enabling your camera and microphone guide to assure your settings are correct.
  • Computer readiness - For best performance, the processor and video card on the recording computer should be less than 3 years old, and you should have at least 4GB of RAM.  To maximize your computer’s recording resources:
    • Close other browser windows/tabs and other applications, especially any that use your camera.  (Only one application can access your camera and microphone at a time.)
    • Minimize connected USB devices.
    • Plug in battery-powered devices (“Power Save” modes can reduce performance).
  • Recording environment - For recording environment best practices, see Recording Tips.
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