Group Recordings with Multiple Presenters

This article is for Students. Click here for the Instructor article.

When using the group recording option, one student creates the initial session and all others in the group can click on that session on the dashboard to join it.  Everyone in the group will see each other simultaneously.  Up to nine presenters can join this type of recording.

Recording a group video

Follow the steps below to record a group video.

  1. If you are the first Presenter, click "Start Assignment."  (We recommend the instructor or group decide beforehand who will be the session creator, but anyone in the group can do it.  Everyone else will Join that session once created.)


  2. Add each member of your group as a "Presenter", add an optional title, and click "Continue."


    Private Assignments

    If your instructor selected "Private" in the assignment settings, other students won't be able to join the recording unless you enter each of their names in the "Presenters" field.

  3. For all students in the group that are not the session creator, click the "Join" button created for their group.


  4. Wait for everyone to join, and then have one presenter click "Record" to start the recording for the entire group.


  5. When you are finished recording, have one presenter click "Finish," then "Post" for the group.
  6. Click "Leave" to exit the session.
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