Starting August 2023 GoReact will have a new dashboard

Starting August 2023 GoReact will have a new dashboard, so there are many aspects of these trainings that will be obsolete. If you'd like to watch a video and read up on our new dashboard, click here: New GoReact Experience (Summer 2023).

We hope to have more resources out to you soon!

We've been hard at work putting together a number of self-help courses and tutorials that you can go through at your own pace, and we'll be adding more to this list going forward!  We hope that you find these helpful.

Please note that we have courses designed for different platforms:, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, etc.  All of the courses here will be useful regardless of the platform you are using, but you'll find specific tutorials and instructions unique to each that you won't find in the others, so it's best to choose the training courses that apply to the platform you are using.

GoReact 101

These are our "getting started with GoReact" courses.  If you're new to GoReact or need a refresher, start here:

Train the Trainer

If you will be training your cohorts on how to use GoReact, these courses are designed for you:



Foreign Language

Nursing Ed

Teacher Ed

Advanced Courses

Discipline-specific examples that you can use in your own courses:

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