Sharing your Library between your GoReact accounts

If you are an existing user who also uses GoReact in an LMS platform like Canvas, Blackboard, etc. or vice versa, you can share your library collections between those two users.  To do so, you will either need to have created a collection first, or you can create a collection at the time of sharing:

  1. Open the GoReact Library by clicking on the library button at the top or bottom right for and LMS users respectively.
  2. Click the Manage Collections gear icon.


  3. If you have an existing collection you wish to share, click the Edit icon next to that collection.  If you are creating a new collection, click the +Add New Collection button. Certain collections cannot be edited or shared (like My Collection, My History, or organization collections) so you might have to create a new collection in order to share it. 


  4. Enter the name of your collection if this is a new collection, or you can edit an existing name, then enter the email address of your other GoReact account (even if it is the same on both accounts).


  5. Click Share to send the invite to your other account, then Save and Close.  If you are creating a new collection, click Save and Close again.  Then select the ellipsis next to the item in your library you wish to add to this collection and Copy or Move.  You will be prompted to select the collection you wish to add the item to, then click Save.  If selecting multiple items, you can use the Multi-Select toggle at the top to copy or move all of them at once.


  6. This collection will now be available in the library on your other account under the Collections list.
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