Guest Reviewer Experience

Guest Review invitation

There are two ways a guest reviewer can be granted access to a video in GoReact.

  1. By email invitation with a private link.
  2. By public join link.

When a guest reviewer is invited by email, they will receive an email that looks like this:


If you received a public join link, you won't get an email from GoReact and instead will receive the link from the video presenter or their instructor.  In either case, click on the link provided to load a unique instance of GoReact where only this video will be visible.  

Please note that clicking the link is the only way to initially access the video that has been shared with you.  You can keep the email or public join link and continue using the link from there, or, in your browser, you can bookmark the page that opens to access the shared video directly from the bookmark going forward.

For LMS Users

If you are providing feedback on a video where the presenter uses an LMS platform, you will not need to log into that LMS as a guest reviewer. The link that was shared with you will load a unique instance of GoReact and your feedback will be visible to the presenter and their instructor using GoReact through their LMS platform.

Account registration/sign-in

After clicking the shared link, you will be taken to a registration page.  If you are an existing user, please click the Sign In link at the top right (you do not need to create a new account here).  For existing LMS users and for newly invited guest reviewers that have not used before, you will create a guest reviewer account.  


Creating a guest reviewer account is a simplified, one-step process which only needs to be completed once. If you received an email invitation from GoReact, you must use the same email address when filling out your information.  It will be automatically filled in on the form and cannot be changed.  If you received a public link, you can use whichever email address you prefer.

After you've created your account, you will see a prompt for a verification code.  (We'll immediately send an email to the address you provided.)  Copy/paste or enter the code from the email to verify your account.

Using GoReact

Once signed in, you will see the video playback screen and will have all the tools available to an instructor for critiquing and providing feedback for the video presenter.  Note that you will only have access to the video that was shared with you (there is no dashboard for guest reviewers) and you will only see your own feedback and any replies to your feedback.  Comments and feedback from other students, instructors, or reviewers will not be visible.


While using GoReact is pretty simple, if you are new, you may find the following links helpful to learn more about the evaluation tools and features available to you:

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