Guest Review: setup

How does sharing with a guest reviewer work?

By default, sharing is done by email invitation with a direct link, allowing that individual to view the video that was shared while keeping the video private.  Public links are a second way to share videos, but your organization administrator must contact your GoReact client success manager to request that this be enabled if you wish to use public links.  Both methods, once enabled at the organization level, allow instructors and above to share videos from their courses, while student sharing can only happen when sharing is enabled at the assignment level.

Important Note:

If you are unable to share videos and/or don't see the option to enable sharing for an assignment, please contact your organization administrator.  Your organization may have opted to not enable sharing, or sharing may have been intentionally delayed.  

Once enabled for your organization, instructors and above will see a share icon for each video submission.  Students will only see this icon if sharing has been enabled for a given assignment specifically and can only share videos on which they are a presenter.


Enabling Guest Review for presenters

To allow sharing for students on any assignment, open the assignment settings panel by editing an existing assignment (or by creating a new assignment) and select "Enable Guest Review for Presenters."


This will allow presenters to share their video using whichever sharing options have been enabled for your organization - email invitation, public sharing, or both. 


See our Guest Review guide for how to use sharing once enabled. 

See our Guest Reviewer experience guide for more about what the invited guest reviewer will see.

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