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Participants do not have the ability to share their videos by default. To enable guest review for participants, click "Enable Guest Review for Participants" in the assignment settings.

What is Guest Review?

Guest Review allows users to share their video via email invitation or join link.

Using guest review

By default, guest review is enabled for all GoReact instructors, but can be enabled for students as well in the assignment settings (see "Enable Guest Review for Participants").  Follow these instructions to start sharing sessions:

    1. After a video is posted, click the ellipses in the bottom right corner of the session.


    2. Click "Share with Guest Reviewers." By default, you will see a pop-up to invite others to review the video by entering their email address. These should be users who do not have a role in the course already. If you prefer sending a Guest Review link, that setting can be enabled by your organization admin. email_invite.png
    3. Once the invitation is accepted, that person can now critique the video.

Managing guest reviewers

To see and manage the list of reviewers that a video has been shared with, click on the ellipses to the bottom right of a video and select Manage Guest Reviewers.


From there you can remove user access by clicking the share_icon.png icon, or view any invitations currently pending.  Once a pending user accepts the email invitation, their name will move out of the "Pending Guest Reviewers" section.



What do Guest Reviewers see after accepting the invitation?

Guest Reviewers will have full access to provide feedback and grade the video shared with them. For how-to information, see Critiquing videos.

Do guest reviewers take up a seat?

No. Guest Review is free to use.

How many Guest Reviewers can be added to a single session?

You can add up to 10 Guest Reviewers to a single session.

Who can see the feedback that the Guest Reviewer posts?

Anyone listed as an instructor in the course, the participants of the video, and any Guest Reviewer who has been invited.

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