In the GoReact Library you can share your library items with other GoReact users in the same region - US or EU.  (This includes users across all platforms: and any LMS where the GoReact LTI tool is installed.)  All types of library items can be shared, including assignments.  Once a library item has been shared, the recipient will see the item in their own library, under a special collection called "Shared With Me."

For the Sharer

To share a library item:

    1. Open your library by clicking the Library button library_button_only.png at the top or bottom right of the dashboard for or LMS users respectively.
    2. Select the ellipses next to the library item and click Share.


      (Alternatively, if you wish to share more than one item, you can also share collections that you have created.  See our GoReact Library guide for more on creating and sharing collections.)
    3. Enter the email addresses for the GoReact users you want to share the item with, separated by comma or putting each on a separate line.

      Note: If you misspell an email address or use an address that is not associated with a user in GoReact, an error message will show which addresses are invalid.


    4. Click Share and you will see a notification at the bottom right indicating your library item was successfully shared.


For the Recipient

The recipient of a shared library item then has the following options:

  • Moving the shared item to one of their own collections (or leaving it in the Shared With Me collection) will retain the original owner of that item and allows reports in GoReact to reflect all uses of that item within your organization.   Items which retain the original owner cannot be edited.
  • Copying the shared item to one of their own collections makes a new version of the item which they can then edit as needed.  Reports in GoReact will only reflect usage of the copied item and not the original.

To copy or move a shared item, select the ellipses next to the item in the library and choose the desired action.


Important Notes

  • You can only share with users on the same regional sever - US or EU.
  • Moving or sharing an item from the Shared With Me collection retains the original creator as the owner of that item.  Edits cannot be made to it and reports will reflect all uses of that item across your organization.
  • Copying an item from the Shared With Me collection creates a new version of that item with the recipient as the owner, allowing edits to be made.  Reports will only reflect usage of the copied item and not the original.
  • Items shared more than once with the same user will only show up once in their library.
  • Library items within a shared assignment (markers, rubrics, etc.) cannot be shared individually at this time.
  • Library items can only be shared with users that have a role of Instructor or higher.

For more on the GoReact Library, see our GoReact Library guide.
If you wish to share your library items between your and LMS accounts, see our Sharing your Library between your GoReact accounts guide.

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