In the GoReact Library you can share your library items with other GoReact users in the same region - US or EU.  (This includes users across all platforms: and any LMS where the GoReact LTI tool is installed.)

You can share individual Library content, or entire collections.

To Share a Library Item

  1. Open your library by clicking the Library button at the bottom left.


  2. Click the ellipses next to the library item and click Share.


  3. Enter the email addresses for the GoReact users you want to share the item with, separated by comma or putting each on a separate line.

    Note: If you misspell an email address or use an address that is not associated with a user in GoReact, an error message will show which addresses are invalid.


  4. Click Share and you will see a notification at the bottom right indicating your library item was successfully shared.


For the Recipient

  1. Open your library by clicking the Library button at the bottom left.
  2. Click the “Shared with Me” collection. You should see the shared item. From there, you have a few options:
    • Leave the item in “Shared with Me”
    • Move the shared item to one of your own collections.
    • Copy the shared item to one of your own collections and make a new version of the item which you can edit as needed. The differences between Moving and Copying are outlined in the orange section below.
    • To copy or move a shared item, select the ellipses next to the item in the library and choose the desired action.


Sharing Library Collections

To share multiple Library items with another GoReact user, it might be easier to create/share a collection, rather than sharing items individually.

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