Unviewed Feedback Notifications

When a video receives new feedback, GoReact will show this visually on the dashboard.  You can also set email notifications so that you are notified when new, "direct feedback" has been added to a video submission.

Please note

You will only get email notifications for feedback on Folders/Courses that you were the "creator" of, not Folders/Courses you're added to.

Direct vs. Indirect Feedback

"Direct feedback" is considered:
  - Any non-reply feedback left on a session that I am a presenter on OR
  - Someone is replying to my comment
Any other feedback is considered "Indirect feedback"

Visual notification

  • The green count badge above the comment icon tells you how many new direct comments have been made on a video.
  • The grey circle above the comment icon tells you there are new indirect comments that have been added to a video.

Unviewed Feedback Notifications.png

Email Notification

If you would like to receive email notifications whenever new direct feedback has been provided on a video you can enable this in your account settings. 

For goreact.com users, click on your name at the top right and select Account Settings from the dropdown menu.


For LMS users (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), click on the settings icon at the bottom right and select Account Settings from the menu.


In the panel on the right, under "Unviewed Feedback" you can set the desired frequency of your email notifications.  (Hourly, daily, weekly, or never.)


(You will see additional notification settings in this panel.  For more information on those settings, see our Assignment email notifications guide.)

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