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The GoReact Library allows you to add complete assignments to your collections. You can copy an existing assignment into your library or create a new template assignment as needed.  Then, when you create a new assignment in a course using a template from your library, it will be created with all of the settings, attachments, videos, etc. already included, making this a great time saver!


For users:

Creating a new assignment template

  1. To create a new assignment template in your library, click the "Library" button at the top right corner of your dashboard.


  2. Select Assignments under the Content Type and click the "+ Assignment" button at the bottom.


  3. Select the collection you wish this assignment to belong to.


  4. You can then set up your assignment just like you would normally, it will just be inside of the library.  This template can then be used to create new assignments with all of your settings pre-set in any of your courses.


  5. Once you've finished with the assignment settings, click the "Create Assignment" button and you will see your new template listed in your collection.


Adding an existing assignment as a template

If you have an existing assignment that you would like to add to your library as a template, simply select the assignment on your GoReact dashboard and click the ellipses next to the assignment name.  Then choose "Copy Assignment to Library."


You'll be prompted to confirm the name of the assignment and the collection this template will belong to, and then just click "Copy" and the assignment has been added!



Creating an assignment from a template

  1. Once you have assignments saved to your library as templates, you can then create a new assignment from any of those templates.  To do so, click the "Create Assignment" button at the top left.


  2. Select "Copy from Template."


  3. Then select your collection, the Assignments content type, and the assignment template. 


  4. Click "Select" and you'll be taken to the assignment settings panel where you can make any desired changes or simply click "Create Assignment" to complete the process and make this new assignment available to your students.
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