Background Blur and Mirroring

Background Blur

Sometimes you want (or need) to blur the background in your recording.  Here's how to do so:

Important Note

Due to browser limitations, the blur feature is only available in Chromium browsers - Chrome or Edge. Also note that this feature is only available for single camera recordings, or for the primary camera on multiple camera recordings.

  1. From the Recording screen, click on the Media Settings button at the bottom right.


  2. To the right of your selected camera, click the Blur Background button.


  3. To turn the background blur off, click the Blur Background button again.



If you would like to reverse the image you are seeing on a recording, click on the same Media Settings button noted above. Then click the Mirror Video button on the right to toggle on or off the mirroring (flipping) of the image. Note that this does not change the original video file, it is purely for convenience while watching.


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