Multiple Cameras on a Single Recording

Please note

  • Available for Chrome and Edge.
  • This feature cannot be used on mobile devices.
  • This feature works for all Standard and Stimulus activities with a single participant and can be used with or without Live Review.  (Not compatible with group recordings.)
  • There is no activity setting to enable multiple cameras - it is always available on single-participant Standard and Stimulus assignments.
  • Users can enable up to four cameras at once or three cameras and a screenshare.  (You'll need to have all of your cameras set up on a single computer.)

How to Add Multiple Camera Angles to a Single Session

Please follow these steps to add multiple camera angles to a single session:

  1. Click on the "Settings" button once you've entered the recording screen.


  2. At the bottom, select Add Camera.


  3. As you add each camera, you'll see them appear on-screen and will see them listed in the options panel.

Each camera added (including a screenshare) will appear in order of appearance on the recording screen. However, you can rearrange the positions as needed by reassigning them under each Camera in the list. 

Example of Multiple Camera Angles on a Single Session

Here's what four cameras with a screenshare would look like (with the screenshare selected as Camera 2):


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