License Management Tools

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This article will go over managing an existing license. If you don't have an existing license, please review our Purchasing a Self Paid License guide.

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License Management Tools

  1. To access your License Management Tools in click the "License Management" tab on the left hand side of your dashboard:

    license management grdcom.png

  2. From there, you can view what licenses are tied to your organization, their Start & End Date, Seats Used, and purchase more seats (by clicking the ellipses icon).

    License Management view.png

  3. By clicking the arrow to the left of the license, you can add more users to the license by scrolling to the bottom and selecting "+ Add User".

    Please Note

    Owners/Instructors need to be added here, Participants/Students are added at the course level, see Inviting Users.

  4. Two roles can be selected when you click "+ Add User".
       License Admins can add participant seats, view and remove license holders, and change user permissions on this license.
       License Holders can create folders and invite participants. They cannot edit this license or purchase additional seats.
  5. By clicking the number under "Seat Used" you will be redirected to the "Seat Management" page where you'll be able to see the users who are actively taking up a space or "seat" on that license.

    seat management view.png

  6. From the "Seat Management" view you can see the User, Role, Last Login, Course Count, Video Count, Activate/Deactivate, and Remove.
    Be advised, "removing" is only available for "Professional" organizations, not "Higher Education".

Managing your license in Admin Tools

Please follow these steps to manage an existing license in Admin Tools:

  1. Navigate to "Admin Tools" by clicking into your profile settings (see callout above for instructions on accessing profile settings).
  2. The Admin Tools will load in a new tab where you can manage licenses, view active courses, and set permissions for how instructors can join your organization.

License Administration

  • The "License Administration" tab will show you the License Name, Start Date, and End Date for every license tied to your organization.
  • By clicking on the drop-down arrow, you can manage certain license details such as invited/accepted dates, and remove users from a license.
  • You can also add users to each license by clicking the "+ Add Instructors to License" button. Enter the email address for each instructor, either one per line or separated by commas and then click Add. Each instructor will receive an email letting them know they have been added to the license. users_on_license.png

Active Courses

  • The "Active Courses" tab will show you all active courses in your organization. Note, for users, you can click a course name on the left to load that course directly in GoReact.
  • Details include, Course Name, Use Type, Payment Type, Course Owner, # of Students, and Course Dates: active_courses.png


  • The "Permissions" tab lets you determine how you would like instructors to be able to join your organization within GoReact: Invite only or open access. Additionally, you can also establish email domain restrictions for joining so that only those with the email domain for your organization are permitted. permissions.png
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