Instructors: Setting up Your Copied Blackboard Assignments

To finish setting up your copied assignments, you will just need to open each assignment in the new course.  If you see the "Start Assignment" button, then you are good to go.


If you see the error message "The referenced resource was either missing or malformed and could not be copied to this activity," then you will need to open the assignment in the master course and finish the assignment setup there.


To finish setting up the assignment in the master course,

  1. From the "Content" page, click the name of the GoReact Assignment.


  2. Select an assignment type or copy a previous assignment and click "Next."


  3. Select any additional settings, then click "Done."


  4. When you see the "Start Assignment" button, your assignment setup is complete.  Repeat the process for any additional assignments and then open each of the assignments in the copied course.  That's it!

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