Recording in a Mobile Browser - for Gallaudet Students

Please Note

This guide shows the Blackboard Ultra view. If you are using the original version of Blackboard, it will look different but will follow a similar process.

  • Open your mobile browser by clicking on the app for the browser.
    • This browser needs to be Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. 
      • On iOS devices,(Apple devices such as an iPad or iPhone) the only mobile browser that can be used is Safari. 
  • Log in to your Gallaudet Blackboard account


  • Open your course and find an assignment that uses GoReact
  • Click on the assignment 
  • Select “Launch”


  • Pay or enter your access code to access the course


  • Select "Start Assignment"
  • Add a title if you want one
  • Click “Record”
  • Allow access to your microphone
  • Allow access to your camera
  • Click “Continue” when you have passed the Equipment Check


    • If you fail the Equipment Check, click one of the “Troubleshooting” prompts to see a guide that will help walk you through resolving this


  • Once you reach the recording screen, orient your phone/tablet to the desired rotation before you press the record button.  If you rotate your device after you start your recording, your video will playback sideways and cannot be changed later.


  • When you are ready, click "Record."
  • When you are finished recording, click "Finish."
  • Depending on the assignment type and settings, you have a few options here. You can "Post" the video, "Delete" the video, or Trim the video.
  • Click "Post” to submit your video for review. 

That’s it! If you have any questions, please reach out to GoReact Support at

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