Moving your ASL course online with GoReact

The process:

  1. Look at your curriculum for the remainder of the semester.
  2. See the recommended GoReact assignment for that curriculum, click on the "How to" link or video, and create as you go.
  3. This is not meant to be comprehensive.  We encourage you to see your email inbox for 7 ASL Assignments for more ideas. You are also encouraged to join our Facebook group to SHARE what you are doing!


Please Note:

GoReact is a feedback and assessment tool.  While we offer the following as suggestions to help you find a better alternative for lectures, GoReact does not support lecture capture directly and we cannot provide support or training for using the methods we outline here. We do hope you find these suggestions helpful, though!  In general, we recommend you provide your lecture content in another platform and when it comes time for students to do their assignments, put those assignments in GoReact.

  1. How to record a video side-by-side with a PowerPoint presentation using QuickTime. Save this file and post in your LMS or upload to YouTube (save as Unlisted if you want to control who accesses/views this) and provide students the link.
  2. Use your LMS Lecture capture. Your university IT can provide more instructions/support.
  3. Use Zoom, which has the ability to screen share and record your video at the same time. Adjust the sizing so can see both comfortably. 

Post the file or link to your LMS. Once students have viewed/participated in the lecture/content, it is time to go to GoReact and DO!

Student Practice

Live & Interactive

See our instructor and student Group Recording guides for more detailed information.

  • Group practice – 2 to 9 students
  • Tutor sessions, invite Deaf members as Reviewers, assign them groups & times.
  • How to invite via Individual Invitations and assign them the Reviewer role.
    *For Canvas integration users you may need to request email access for them as they may not have university LMS access. Consider if they will be a “regular” in your course.

*Don’t be confused by the “live review” option – this is only when you want to make comments WHILE a student is recording. Each student has their own video, not interactive.

Comprehension Check

GoReact set up: Comment Only

GoReact set up: Stimulus

Self Observation Assessment Review (SOAR) - idea From True + Way ASL

GoReact set up: Standard Assignment, provide Markers/Student Rubric
3 opportunities for feedback/assessment (Sample video)

  • Student Self assess
  • Peer assess (change Privacy settings to Closed or Open Peer)
  • Instructor – use markers for shortcut/specific focus areas, Instructor Rubric
    (install this under Grading & Evaluation section)

How to create markers
How to use markers (for you or your students)
How to create a rubric for students and/or instructors to use

Presentations with PowerPoint slides (save as PDF)

GoReact : Standard, enable Presenter Slides
See sample here.

Discussions (reading/culture material)

GoReact set up: Standard assignment , privacy set to Open Peer

GoReact set up: Comment Only

Non-GoReact option - use your LMS discussion board. Students discuss in English text or short videos (can be time consuming to watch).

Community Learning Events

  • Guest speaker on Zoom
  • Use YouTube or Ted Talk for content, put in Comment Only, invite them as Reviewer so they can respond to student’s questions. Remove the Reviewer after event is done.
  • Facebook or your deaf friends – share a story! Insert the pre-recorded video on Comment Only, then invite the Deaf person as Reviewer so they can respond to student’s questions. Remove the Reviewer after event is done.


Can use any GoReact assignment type. Both formative and summative assessments. To learn more go to this special topic webinar: Testing in GoReact

Further Assistance

  • Search our Help Desk for HOW TO articles on any of these subjects.

Our instructional series: 7 Assignments for ASL Classes is well under way. Feel free to peruse these videos to increase your knowledge of how each assignment type could be used and brainstorm how to use this feature to your advantage. And they’re all in ASL!
*additional videos emailed biweekly

Part 1: Standard Assignments
Part 2: Live Review Assignments
Part 3: Comment Only: Interactive Responses
Part 4: Stimulus Assignments
Part 5: Comment Only: Discussion/Analysis
Part 6: Standard with Presenter Slides
Part 7: Group Recordings

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