Recording a group presentation with slides

Follow the steps below to record a group presentation with slides.  (This guide is specifically for multiple camera assignments with slides, to record multiple cameras without slides see this guide, to record a single camera with slides see this guide.)   

  1. If you are the first Presenter, click "Start Assignment."


  2. Add a title and click "Record." (If the assignment is set to Private, other students won't be able to join the recording unless you enter each of their names in the "Presenters" field.)


  3. OR join a session by clicking "Join."


  4. The student who will advance the slides will open the assignment in a separate tab (or computer) and join the session a second time.  (Be sure to mute the microphone and audio in one of the tabs to avoid audio feedback!)
  5. Click the screen capture icon. screencapture.png
  6. Select the screen, application, or tab that you want to share and click "Share."


    Please Note

    In Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you should only select the option to share your entire screen. Otherwise, due to an issue with a third-party service provider, the stream from the tab/window will flicker on and off.

  7. Wait for everyone to join, and then have one presenter click "Record."


  8. When you are finished recording click "Finish," then "Post."
  9. Click "Leave" to exit the session.

Please Note

GoReact highly recommends that the user sharing slides records in Firefox.   To avoid audio feedback, you will need to right-click one of the tabs and click "Mute Tab," ensuring that the audio only plays through one tab.  (Chrome only has the option to mute the entire site, which mutes all tabs.)

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