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Important Note - Oct 22, 2021

With the release of Chrome 94 on Oct 16, Google made an update to their security settings that specifically impacts screen captures within an iframe. (This only impacts LMS platforms who launch assignments in iframes and has no impact on or LMS users whose assignments launch in a new tab.)  While this is something GoReact has no control over, we wanted to provide some information to help our customers who are impacted by this issue.

  • All platforms who use GoReact in an iframe will need to update their code by adding the “display-capture” attribute per Google’s instructions linked in the article above. Once this is done, screen capture will function again within iframes.
  • As a workaround until that can be completed by your LMS administrators, enabling the option to open your GoReact assignments in a new tab within your assignment settings or in the GoReact tool settings will allow screen capture to work as well.

Follow the steps below to record your screen in GoReact.

  1. Click "Start Assignment."


  2. Add a title and click "Continue."


  3. Click "Continue to Recorder."


  4. While on the recording screen, click the screen capture icon. screencapture.png
  5. Select the screen, application, or browser tab that you want to share and click "Share."  (Some common applications you might select are Powerpoint, Zoom, Excel, etc.)  By default, your camera will also be shown.  If you would like to record just the screen, you can turn the camera off by clicking the camera icon. camera.png


  6. Click "Record."


  7. When you are finished recording, click "Finish," then "Post."

Please note

  • Screen capture doesn't work on mobile devices.
  • Screen capture is only supported in Chrome and Edge (not in Safari or Firefox).
  • The audio captured during the screen recording is from your microphone, not your computer audio.
  • Screen recordings are played back in standard definition, so it is recommended that text be set to font size 14pt or higher for best legibility. Lower font sizes will not be legible.
  • On macOS 10.15+ (Catalina), to share your screen you must grant the browser access to the screen in macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording
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