Baseline internet speeds should be at least 1.5Mbps download and 0.5Mbps upload with a consistent signal for successful recording (up) and playback (down). You can test your current speed here.

If you are running into unexpected behavior, network/IT administrators should ensure the following are available for users:

  • TCP ports 80 & 443 (standard)
  • TCP port 1935 (for RTMP Flash recording)
  • TCP port 8083 (WebRTC)
  • UDP port 19302 (STUN)
  • UDP port range 40000-65535 (TURN/STUN/ICE port range for WebRTC)
  • Whitelist the domains * and *

If you are recording a video comment and it takes a long time to connect (more than 5-10 seconds), or if it doesn't connect at all, network administrators should ensure that all of the ports listed above are open.


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