Baseline internet speeds should be at least 3-6Mbps download and upload with a consistent signal for successful recording (up) and playback (down). You can test your current speed here.

If you are running into unexpected behavior, network/IT administrators should ensure the following are available for users:

  • TCP port 443 (standard)
  • Whitelist the domains *, *, *, *

If you are trying to record and it takes a long time to connect (more than 5-10 seconds), or if it doesn't connect at all, network administrators should ensure that the port and domains listed above are open and whitelisted.


Browser Cache

If you have ensured that the network requirements above have been met, then clearing your browser cache and cookies may help you connect.  To clear your cache and cookies, See our Clearing Cache and Cookies guide.

If that doesn't work, the next step we'll take is to test in another browser.  Our supported browsers are Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

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