Getting started with Brightspace

This article is for Admins. Click here for the instructor article.

Using GoReact in Brightspace (read this first)

We're excited to have you use GoReact in Brightspace and want to ensure you have a smooth and trouble-free experience! To help avoid any confusion, please note the following:

Important Note

When using this integration, courses CANNOT be accessed on  If your organization is using GoReact in Brightspace, then you will use Brightspace to navigate between all course content.  As long as your role in Brightspace is set to Admin, then you will be able to open any GoReact assignment in your organization with the role of Admin.

What is different from

  • Navigation between courses and assignments can only be done in Brightspace and not within the GoReact tool.
  • Instructors cannot create sessions for students (this method is often used for live review assignments). Doing so will prevent grades from passing to the grade book because the sessions belong to the instructor even if student presenters are added.
  • The GoReact mobile recorder app cannot be used with LMS courses.

How to get set up

To get your Brightspace organization set up with the GoReact tool, see How to add GoReact to Brightspace.

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