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On iOS devices, only the Safari browser can be used to record.

Please Note

This guide will walk you through mobile recording tips. For instructions on posting your video, please review our Completing your activity in a mobile browser guide.

  • Resolution - If you want to minimize your upload time, you will want to record your video at an appropriate resolution.  While full resolution HD videos are awesome, they are unnecessary in GoReact and will significantly increase network demands and upload times.
    • iOS phones and tablets To set the resolution on your iOS device, open the Settings app, navigate to "Camera" > "Record Video," and select "720p HD at 30 fps."


    • Android phones and tablets - Setting the resolution will vary with the version of Android that you are running. Generally speaking, you will open the camera, go to the camera settings > "Set front/back camera video resolution," and select "HD 720p."


    • Cameras or other devices - consult the documentation included with the device to set the resolution to either standard or VGA resolution or 720p at the highest (480 x 360, 640 x 480, or 720 x 480).
  • Orientation - Be sure to orient your phone/tablet to the desired rotation before you press the record button.  If you rotate your device after you start your recording, your video will play back sideways and cannot be changed later.


  • Keep the device in one location - Holding and/or moving the device while recording can result in shaky and/or blurry footage.  Consider using a tripod to stabilize your device.  Additionally, make sure the camera is focused on the subject before beginning the recording.
  • Sufficient storage - Make sure that your device has sufficient storage space before beginning the recording.  Please note that you will need additional storage space for the file to be compressed before uploading using the GoReact Recorder app.
  • External microphone - If the presenter is far away from the camera, consider using an external microphone to capture better audio.
  • Testing - No matter what, after changing your settings, do a quick test recording to make sure you like the quality of the recording and you set the orientation correctly.

For additional tips about recording, see recording tips.

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