Dropping a course

This article is for Students. Click here for the Instructor article.

Follow the steps below to drop your GoReact course.  If you need to transfer your registration instead, please see our transferring your registration guide.


To be eligible to drop a course, the course start date must be less than 45 days ago and no more than one video may have been submitted (including deleted videos).

If you meet these criteria, follow these steps to drop your course:

  1. Open the course selector menu in the upper left.  Click the ellipsis next to the course you wish to drop and select "Transfer to a Different Course."


  2. Select "Drop this course instead" in the lower-left corner.


  3. Confirm your action by selecting "Drop course."


Course credit

If you paid for your course with either a debit/credit card or with an access code, you will receive a course credit that can be applied to your next GoReact course.  Credits do not expire and can be used on any future GoReact course. As stated on the transaction page, GoReact registration fees are non-refundable.

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