Simplifying your GoReact experience

Here are several ways to make your GoReact experience easier!

Account settings and defaults

Did you know that you can set a default assignment type?  If you always use Stimulus assignments instead of Standard, for example, then you can change the default assignment type to Stimulus.  You can also change the "Recording & Feedback Privacy" and "Feedback Hold" settings for all new assignments that you create.

GoReact also has email notifications that can be accessed on this settings panel.  See our Video Submission Email Notifications guide for more information.

To change your account defaults and email notification settings, click your name in the upper-right corner of the dashboard, and select "Account Settings."  Select whichever options you'd like!


Master courses

If you create the same course over and over again each semester, why don't you create a Master course that you can copy assignments from?  For more information, see Admin course creation.

Speed grader

We hope you're not exiting the playback screen between each video that you grade! Instead, just click the back/forward arrows at the top left corner of the video playback screen to quickly switch between each session!



Have you ever wanted to see exactly what a particular student sees in your course? Check out our Masking as a user guide to learn how!

Grading tips

Do you find yourself typing out the same comment over and over again?  Why not create a marker set that includes all of the comments that you frequently use!

Do you find yourself using the same audio/video comment over and over again? If you add the media to your library, then you can add the audio/video comment to a session directly from your library!

Shareable resources

Do you want to send your students some resources for using GoReact?  Here are some helpful guides that you can send them:

As always, you can view all of our help documentation at If they can't find the answers they need there, students can also reach out to our support team anytime by going to, or by clicking the Contact Support button on any page in our Help Center.

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