Here are some creative ways to use GoReact!

Comment only assignments

Use a Comment only assignment to have students critique a video that you would have otherwise had them watch outside of GoReact.  Instead of having students write a paper or complete a questionnaire, you can have them add time-coded comments to the video.  You can also create a student rubric with text response elements asking the same questions that you would have asked in the questionnaire, saving you tons of grading time!


Student selected stimulus

While creating a Stimulus assignment, if you check the box for "Student Selected Stimulus/Prompt," then your students will be able to upload a Stimulus media of their own choosing.  This stimulus media can be a video, audio, PDF, or image file.  This can be a great way for students to use GoReact on their own, whether it be for interpreting or anything else that you would typically use a stimulus assignment for!  You can also use this for self-directed practice or extra credit opportunities.


Student rubrics

Self-evaluation rubrics can help students evaluate themselves, reflect, and improve. The rubric serves as a reminder of key input from a teacher or mentor, what to look for, what to consider when critiquing their performance, and how to be objective about the most subjective of things.

Peer evaluation rubrics can help students evaluate others, as well as improve their own performance by seeing behaviors and skills exhibited by others.

Use Emojis!

If your device has an emoji keyboard, then you can use those emojis in GoReact!


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