GoReact was built for use in a formalized classroom setting with both instructors and students. If you want to use GoReact for personal use, you will need to set up both an instructor account and a student account.

  1. Create an instructor account here (using a different email address than your student account).  During account setup, in the drop-down menu for "I'm using GoReact at a...," select "Personal Use." Select your appropriate training type and training format, then click "Submit."


  2. Create a course.
  3. Create an assignment.
  4. Invite your existing student account into the course.  (Or enter the email address that you wish to use for your new student account, which will send out an email with instructions on creating the account and registering for the course.)
  5. Log out of your instructor account and log into your student account.
  6. Pay for the course (unless you have a 5-year plan).
  7. Start submitting your videos!
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