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Are GoReact videos private and secure?

GoReact is designed from the ground up as a private video service, giving you control over what is shared. All videos are private by default, and are only available to others based on the instructor/account holder's settings. GoReact also does not share any student's grading with other users—only the student and instructors/reviewers may see that information.

For more on privacy, see our Privacy Policy.

For more on security and compliance, see our Compliance page.

How much does GoReact cost?

GoReact is free for instructors and is super affordable for students. The cost of a course will depend on your organization’s agreement with GoReact.  If your school does not have a license with GoReact, the normal fee is $31.99 per course per semester. Licenses offer better pricing, with discounts for both volume of users and annual licensing.

For more information on education and volume licensing click here to contact sales. (It's pretty painless—we're friendly and responsive!)

How do I start using GoReact?

Our Getting Started Guide will walk you through creating a GoReact account.

How do I add someone as an organization administrator?

Our Inviting organization users guide will walk you through adding an organization administrator.

What can I do as an organization administrator?

As an organization administrator in GoReact, you can navigate between and manage each account and course in your organization.  See this guide to learn more about other administrator privileges.

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