5-Minute new semester checklist

If you’re setting up GoReact for a new semester, you’ve come to the right place. Follow this quick checklist to make sure you’re ready to go. Select your platform below to get started.

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GoReact in GoReact.com

Please Note

As a new user, or a returning user, you will need to set up content for your students/participants to join and start submitting videos for you to provide them feedback on.

The below guides will walk you through creating a folder, creating an activity, and inviting users to your folder.

  1. Creating a Folder (formerly known as "Courses")
  2. Creating an Activity (formerly known as "Assignments")
  3. Inviting Users

Please review our New GoReact Interface (Fall 2023) guide for more information, including video resources.

For a deeper dive into GoReact and all of its functionality, please see our Instructor guides for GoReact.com.

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