5-Minute new semester checklist

If you’re setting up GoReact for a new semester, you’ve come to the right place. Follow this quick checklist to make sure you’re ready to go. Select your platform below to get started.

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Create a new course on GoReact.com

  1. Log into GoReact
  2. At the top-left hand side of the dashboard click "Courses."
  3. At the bottom of that drop-down menu click “Create Course”.


  4. Enter a course name, set the start and end dates for your course, optionally select a course to copy assignments from, then click the "Create Course" button.


Use a unique course title

Naming the course so that your students can identify the title, section, and semester can help avoid confusion when they register. The course title is the only identifier your students will see, so we recommend being as specific as possible!

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Create an assignment

  1. If you copied assignments from a previous course, take a minute to review them.  Check the due dates and other assignment settings.
  2. To create a new assignment, click the "Create Assignment" button at the top of the assignment list on the left.


  3. Enter a name for the assignment and select an assignment type.


  4. Choose any optional settings (Availability/Due Dates, Grading & Evaluation, Markers, etc.). Then click the "Create Assignment" button.

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Invite your students

To invite users to your course, you have two options:

  1. Send or post a private group join link. To get this link, click the "Users" tab, and click the "Invite Users" button. Then, copy and paste the group join link on the left to a place that your students will see it (like a syllabus or course web page).
  2. Send an invitation directly via email. To send individual invitations, click the "Users" tab, and click the "Invite Users" button. Enter each user's email address here and click "Send Invitations."


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