Administrator setup of GoReact in Canvas

Follow the steps below to add the GoReact app to your Canvas organization. (Please note that there can only be one GoReact app installed in the App Center.)

  1. From the Admin tab, select "Settings," and then "Apps."
  2. Select or search for GoReact. (Can't find it? You may need to click "Manage App List" and then add the GoReact app to your organization's whitelist.)


  3. Click "Add App."


  4. In the dialog that opens, you will need to enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret provided by the GoReact Support team, then click "Add App."  If you haven't contacted our team, you can do so here.


  5. That's it!  The GoReact app is now available for all courses in your organization. Now, instructors can create GoReact assignments in Canvas.

Important Note

In order to increase security and improve the GoReact experience, we have recently made the following changes:

  • All existing GoReact tool installations with the old key and secret (goreact and your email address) will need to be updated. Please work with our support team to receive a new, unique key and secret.
  • If you have the old Launch URL in the GoReact tool that contains "" it will need to be updated in your App Center as well when you update the key and secret.
  • For new users setting up GoReact in your LMS for the first time, follow the steps in this guide.   
  • Due to these changes, the method of adding the GoReact tool via URL is no longer supported.

Please note that your Canvas administrator will need to reach out to our support team here to make these adjustments.  In the coming months, existing assignments will become inaccessible in some cases until these changes are made.  As soon as we've determined the date that this will be required by we'll add it here, but we recommend making these changes as soon as possible.

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