Recording with multiple cameras

This article is for Students. Click here for the Instructor article.

Follow the steps below to record a video on a Standard assignment with multiple cameras.

  1. If you are the first Presenter, click "Start Assignment."


  2. Add a title and click "Record." (If the assignment is set to Private, other students won't be able to join the recording unless you enter each of their names in the "Presenters" field.)


  3. OR join a session by clicking "Join."


  4. Wait for everyone to join, and then have one presenter click "Record."


  5. When you are finished recording, have one presenter click "Finish," then "Post."
  6. Click "Leave" to exit the session.


GoReact's video features can be resource-intensive (especially on multiple camera assignments where multiple videos stream simultaneously). Due to the widely varying hardware and (often limited) system resources in Chromebooks, GoReact may not perform well or work at all in some cases. In our testing, more robust, higher-end Chromebooks generally work fine, while less expensive and/or older Chromebooks will struggle. If your GoReact experience on a Chromebook isn't satisfactory, you'll need to use a different device.

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