Group Recording Activities

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The Group Recording Session setting allows participants to record multiple video streams at the same time.  Up to nine presenters can join this type of recording.

Please note

If you are using GoReact in an LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), then grade passback will not work for this type of assignment.  Instead, grades will need to be entered into your grade book manually.

Please Note

With our new GoReact dashboard, there is some new terminology. Note that Folder/Course, Activity/Assignment, Owner/Instructor, and Participant/Presenter are now interchangeable terms.

Creating a Group Recording activity

  1. Click "Create Activity" at the bottom right of the dashboard.
  2. Enter an Activity Name.
  3. Leave the Type as "Standard."
    • Note: You can select any Privacy setting that you would like. Please see the section below on setting up groups for more information.
  4. Check the box for "Group recording session."


  5. Select any additional settings, as needed.
  6. Click "Create Activity."

Setting up a group

If the activity is set to Private, then users can only join a recording if they are listed as a Participant.  If this is the case, the user who starts the recording will need to add the other Participants prior to clicking "Record."

To save time on presentation day, you can set these groups up beforehand.  To do this, click "Start Activity," type in each of the user's names in the "Participants" field, and click "Save for Later."


If you have created these groups previously, when participants are ready to record, they will log into GoReact and join the recording by clicking the "Join" button on their dashboard.


For more information on how participants will record, see Group recording with multiple participants.

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