Troubleshooting: failed sessions

Failed Sessions

Grey video thumbnail

If a video shows a gray thumbnail (see below), the owner needs to change the YouTube privacy settings for this video from "private" to either "public" or "unlisted."


Black video thumbnail

A black video thumbnail typically means Adobe Flash was not enabled correctly before recording. This usually happens on test activities where only one session is allowed.  The instructor can reset the submission clicking the "Allow Retake" button next to the video.


Error loading media: file could not be played

This error is generally caused by a failed upload. If you see this error message on the playback screen, you will need to upload your video again.  (For students, this message can also be displayed if your video isn't posted.  Click the "Done" button and you will be prompted to post the video, which may resolve this issue.)


Processing failed session

This error is shown on failed recordings done directly in GoReact or can be caused by an encoding failure. If you see this error message you may need to record your video again, but you can contact our Support team to see if the file can be re-encoded.


Media has not finished processing

After videos are uploaded to GoReact, they go through processing.  This process can take several minutes to complete and you will see a spinning circle.  If you still see the spinning circle after a very long time (hours or days) your video has stalled and will need to be resubmitted.  


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