Troubleshooting: LTI error messages

Most LTI error messages can be resolved by editing the GoReact tool settings and ensuring that the tool is set up correctly.  Links to the setup guides for each LMS can be found below.

Key/Secret incorrect

The error message "The key/secret isn't correct" can be resolved by editing the tool installation and by re-entering the key and secret. 

Key/Secret incorrect

Assignment not set up

If students are seeing the error message, "We're terribly sorry, but it looks like your instructor hasn't finished setting up GoReact for this assignment.  Please let them know."  Then the GoReact assignment was created in the LMS, but never opened by the instructor.  Once you (the instructor) open the GoReact assignment and select the GoReact assignment type and any additional settings, then this error will be resolved.  When you open the assignment in your LMS and see the GoReact dashboard, then you know that the assignment is set up correctly.

Assignment not set up

Instructors, please review this video on filling out your activity settings to help resolve the above error. Thank you!

Missing setup information

The error message "GoReact is missing setup information," is shown if any of the required parameters are missing.  If you expand the "Show Details" section, then you can view which parameters are missing.  If you edit the GoReact tool in your LMS and allow the missing parameter(s) to be sent to GoReact, then this error will be resolved.  (Or edit your LMS profile and add the missing information, i.e. last name, email, etc.)

Missing setup info

Incorrect assignment setup

If you are seeing the error message "{"status":false,"error":"Unknown method."}" then it means you are opening the URL directly.  You can't navigate to this URL directly, so you will need to double-check that the GoReact tool and assignment are both set up correctly (assignments should always be set up as an external tool and not as a link). 

access via URL

Missing or malformed resource

If you are seeing the error message "GoReact doesn't appear to be setup correctly.  The referenced resource was either missing or malformed and could not be copied to this activity."   Then, you most likely attempted to copy the assignment outside of GoReact.  GoReact doesn't support external assignment copying.  Instead, you will need to create a new assignment in your LMS, open it, and then use the "Copy a previous assignment" functionality within the GoReact tool.


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