This guide will walk you through several mobile app error messages and how to resolve them.

When you record a video using the GoReact Recorder app, the file is recorded locally to your device (and saved in the camera roll), and then uploaded to GoReact.

If your video is failing to upload through the app it's usually due to one of two reasons.  Either the file is too big (which can happen if you recorded in full HD) or your connection isn't fast/consistent enough.

If the upload is failing anywhere from 0-20%, then the most likely cause is that your device is failing to compress your video.  If this is the case, you will need to transfer your file to a computer, compress your file, and then upload the newly compressed file from your computer.

If the upload is failing anywhere from 21-100%, then the most likely cause is that your connection isn't fast/consistent enough to upload your file successfully. You can test your internet upload speed here. If your connection is too slow, you will need to connect to a faster, more reliable connection before continuing the upload.

Interrupted upload or recording

While using the GoReact Recorder App, if your internet connection is lost, your video will move from the "In Progress" Queue to the "Stopped" Queue, and you will see an error message (either "Houston, we have a problem" or "No internet connection"). To continue your upload, check your connection, click the "Stopped" Queue, and click the refresh button.  This will continue the uploading process.


Stalled upload

If your upload takes an excessive amount of time, or if it stops progressing altogether, then you will need to remove the video from your upload queue and begin the upload process again.  To remove your video from the upload queue, swipe the upload to the side, and click "Remove."


The Troubleshooting: uploading guide will walk you through several things to check if you're having trouble uploading your file.  In general, successful uploads depend on your connection speed and signal strength, combined with your file size.  You can check your speed and get an estimate of how long your upload should take in the Troubleshooting: uploading guide.

Can't log in

If you are unable to log in to your account on the GoReact Recorder app, you will need to uninstall the app and then reinstall it.  This will clear out any bad cache.  Before logging in again, you should reset your password (on a computer or mobile browser).  Then you should be able to log in successfully with the app.

Important note

If your course is held in an LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), then you are not able to use the GoReact recorder app.

No Activities

If you see the message "You don't have any available recording activities..." you will need to reach out to your instructor.  This can happen when there are no standard assignments available in your course or if your course has expired.

Important note

If your course is held in an LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), then you are not able to use the GoReact recorder app.


"Record" button greyed out

If the "Record" button is greyed out, it means that your device doesn't have enough space available to record.  You will need to free up space on your device before proceeding.


Low storage

"Your device has about XX minutes of recording space available" is a calculation based on the amount of space available on your device.


If you choose to record with limited space on your device, the recording will stop automatically when your device runs out of storage.


App permissions

In order for the GoReact Recorder app to work properly, you will need to ensure that the app has access to your device's camera, microphone, and photos/storage.

To check app permissions on an iOS device, open the "Settings" app, scroll down, and select "Recorder." Make sure the toggles for "Microphone" and "Camera" are on, and that "Photos" is set to "Read and Write."


On an Android device, open the "Settings" app, select "Apps," scroll down, and select "Recorder." Click "Permissions" and then make sure "Camera," "Microphone," and "Storage" are all selected. Please note that these instructions may vary based on the version of Android that you are running.


No storage

If you are trying to upload a video with no storage space left on your device, you will see the error message "You're out of space!"  The GoReact Recorder app requires a certain amount of space to upload and compress your video, so you will need to free up some space on your device before you can begin your upload.


If all else fails...

You can transfer your file to a computer (via USB, email, or cloud storage) and then upload from there.  If you have difficulty uploading your file from a computer, please walk through our Troubleshooting: uploading guide.

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