Troubleshooting: grade passback in Blackboard

If grades are not passing to your Blackboard Grade Center, following these steps may help resolve the issue:

  1. Confirm that LTI tool providers are configured to allow grading.


  2. Check if there are multiple installations of the GoReact tool, which may conflict with each other.  If there are multiple installations, please remove any extraneous installations until there is only one installation remaining.


    When removing LTI Tool Providers, please make sure that the tool is not currently in use or else previous assignments will not be accessible.

  3. Confirm that the GoReact tool placement allows grading.


  4. Check that the assignment has "Enable Evaluation" selected and that the points possible in Blackboard matches the points possible in the GoReact tool (if the assignment was copied within Blackboard, this option may have become unselected).


  5. Verify that the video session wasn't created by the instructor (most commonly with the "Create Videos" button on Live review assignments).

If you've checked all of these and grades are still not passing to the Blackboard Grade Center, try creating a new assignment.  Using the Blackboard Student Preview mode, create a student session, and try grading that video (if it asks for payment, please reach out to GoReact Support to get a credit applied).  If it works, great! You should be all set.  If it doesn't work, reach out to GoReact Support for additional troubleshooting.

Please note

"Enable Evaluation" and the applicable points possible must be added to the assignment before any videos are submitted. If students submit videos before this setting is enabled, then grade passback will not work and the grades will need to be entered manually.

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