Getting started for Moodle students

All of the documentation in the Student section still applies to the GoReact app in Moodle, the only thing that is different is where you will access the course content.

Important Note

Accessing GoReact via Moodle is a different experience than just going to, because the two systems do not communicate.

To access your assignment, please log in through Moodle, and open the corresponding Course and Assignment.

You never need to go to to access a Moodle assignment

Accessing Your GoReact Assignment

Please follow these steps to access your GoReact assignment.

Note, your view in Moodle may be slightly different, but the same steps should apply. If you need further instruction, please reach out to your instructor.

  1. After logging into Moodle, select your desired course.


  2. From here, you should see a list of your assignments.
  3. After locating an assignment that uses GoReact, click on it. It should automatically load in a new window, or take you to a page where you can open it yourself.


  4. From there, you'll be able to pay for your course, or start recording immediately if there's a pre-paid license.

Please review

For more information on starting an assignment and posting your video, please review these guides:

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