An account is created when you sign up for GoReact. Courses are grouped under accounts.  When registering, students will find courses by their instructor's account name.

Assignment Assignments are how student video sessions are organized.  This is where permission levels and peer visibility are defined.
 Course Courses are where assignments live.  Courses default to a length of 4 months but can be extended up to 6 months.
Course Selector This menu is accessed by clicking your course name in the upper left corner of the dashboard.  From here, you can switch between courses, and instructors can create a new course, invite or manage users, and access other course settings.  For more on this, see our Navigating within GoReact guide.
Dashboard The GoReact Dashboard is the home page for everything that you do on GoReact.  This is the default view upon logging in.  From here, you can access everything else that you need to do!


Library Any reusable resources you create or upload to GoReact live in your Library.  This includes media, rubrics, markers and documents.  For more on this, see our Library guide.
LMS Learning Management System (also known as Course Management System). Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace are a few examples of LMS's.
LTI Learning Tools Interoperability.  This is how GoReact connects to and communicates with an LMS.  Any LMS integration with GoReact requires LTI compliance.
Markers Markers are customizable, color-coded labels that make giving feedback faster and easier.  For more on this, see our Creating a marker set guide.
Media Any video or audio file in GoReact.
Organization This is your school or company name.  Accounts, courses, and users are grouped under your organization.
Session A student video including any stimulus, slides, and/or feedback are called a session.
Site License If your organization is paying for all student access to GoReact, this is considered a site license.
Student Pay This is the default payment type for courses.
User Users are anyone with a GoReact login.
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