Creating GoReact assignments in Brightspace (new content experience)

This document will walk you through how to add a GoReact assignment to your Brightspace course if you are using the New Content Experience (for the old content experience see this guide).

Please Note: The GoReact app needs to be installed by your Brightspace administrator prior to creating assignments.

  1. Navigate to your Brightspace course and select "Content."
  2. Add a new (or select an existing) module.
  3. Click "Add."


  4. Select "External Tool Activity."


  5. Scroll down and select "Create New LTI Link."


  6. Enter a title for your assignment and enter as the URL.
  7. Click "Create and Insert."


  8. Choose whether you will be creating a new assignment from scratch, copying from a previous assignment, or using an assignment template from your Library.  (See our Library - Assignment Templates guide for more information on using templates.)


  9. When you've finished setting up the assignment, click the three dots at the top right of the Brightspace assignment and select "Edit." 


  10. Select "Open in a new tab" and click "Save."  For the best overall experience, we highly recommend loading the GoReact tool in a new tab.  Otherwise, GoReact may be unable to access the camera and microphone.


  11. That's it!
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