Troubleshooting: video recording

Troubleshooting: video recording

Run through the Video recording checklist to make sure your computer or recording device is optimized for recording, and to check for quality tips on camera positioning, lighting, audio, etc.

The "Add Video" button is grayed out

If the "Add Video" button is grayed out on your dashboard, one of the following typically applies:

  1. The course is expired - videos cannot be submitted to expired courses.
  2. The course is not yet active - videos cannot be submitted to a course until the Start Date. Please contact your instructor if the course should be available now.
  3. There are no "self-record" activities available in your course. Please contact your instructor if you were expecting to see Self-Submit activities.

My webcam isn’t working/recognized

If GoReact cannot see your webcam, this generally means that Adobe Flash doesn't have access to your camera. To correct this see our document on Adobe Flash.

Here are some other steps to help resolve this issue.

  1. If you are using Google Chrome: Note that Chrome (as much as we love it) now has an annoying EXTRA camera permission that must be allowed, even after you allow your webcam with Flash. You'll see this box inside the recording screen. Click "Allow" to enable your webcam.


    If you are NOT getting this permission box, it may already be blocked. Look to the far right of your Chrome address bar and find the "Video" icon (it should have a red "X" on it). Click the icon and set it to "Ask if wants to access your camera." Then click "Done" and reload your page.

  2. Refresh the recording page: Sometimes a refresh will re-initialize the webcam.
  3. Close other applications and/or browser tabs: If another application (Skype, videophone, etc.) or webpage is using the camera, it will not be available to GoReact. Only one application at a time can have access to your camera.
  4. Re-plug the camera: If using an external webcam, unplug/re-plug the webcam's USB cable from the computer to reset the connection.
  5. Check webcam software: Open your Windows/Mac webcam software (that came with the camera) to be sure the webcam is being recognized by the computer in general. If not, consult your webcam documentation on how to resolve the issue.
  6. Test another recording website: Open a new browser tab and try another webcam service such as Skype, or a site like Make sure you allow Flash access to your webcam and microphone again. If this site can't access your camera either, there may be a problem with the camera connection or hardware that you'll need to troubleshoot outside of GoReact.
    NOTE: Close the browser tab after this test, so that page doesn't lock up your camera.
  7. Try another browser: Try recording with GoReact in a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari). Often this will work even when another browser refuses to see the camera.

The Record Screen video preview is frozen (or blank)

A frozen (or sometimes blank) "preview" window on the "Record" screen usually indicates that another application or browser is already using the webcam, or that Adobe Flash hasn't been allowed access to the camera. Make sure that other apps that use your camera (like Skype, Facetime, etc.) are closed, then use the browser refresh button to reload the GoReact recording screen.

If that doesn't work, run through the options in the list above.

I get the error message "Can’t Connect to Media Server"

If this message appears, it typically means something is interfering with the recording connection. Try recording in GoReact in a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari).

If it works in a different browser, you most likely have a browser-specific plug-in interfering with Flash/camera access in the first browser. See our steps above to check Flash or simply record using the browser that does work.

If you can't record in any of your browsers, you may have network-related issue. You’ll need to either:

  1. Try recording from another location (on a different network connection).
  2. Contact your network administrator and have them ensure that the network considerations in this guide are being met.

Recording stops unexpectedly

Because live recording requires a reliable internet connection to stream to the GoReact servers, an interruption to that connection would stop the recording. If you can determine that your connection has been restored, click the "Resume" button to continue recording from where you left off. If the connection is interrupted for a long enough period of time, the recording session will be terminated and you would need to begin again.

If the connection is lost during a test activity recording and the session is terminated, you will not be able to resume. The instructor must delete the partial recording before a new one can be submitted.

My upload seems stuck in "Processing"

If your uploaded video seems to be stuck in the "Processing" status for longer than a few minutes (or for extremely large files during peak usage, up to 15-20 minutes), first manually refresh the page - it may just be that the page didn't update properly when processing completed. If the status isn't updated, it's likely that the process has stalled due to a network connection issue. Delete the video from your dashboard and restart the upload.

My video quality is choppy/blurry/poor

GoReact captures the video delivered by your webcam according to your webcam quality, environment lighting, computer performance, AND the speed/reliability of your internet connection. (Please note that virtual desktop environments will not work well with GoReact and will cause lag and choppy video quality.)

If the video quality is poor, do the following:

  1. Run through the Video recording checklist to make sure you've optimized your recording environment for the best possible quality. That includes lighting, computing power, and internet connection.
  2. If you are still unable to make a quality recording in your particular environment, you may wish to either record with offline equipment (camcorder or mobile device) and upload your video, or record in a different environment (different computer and/or internet connection).

My audio level is too low or too high

For live recording, check the audio bars and make sure they stay in the green while you do some sample talking from the distance you'll record from. Then either adjust the mic/camera distance from the presenter, or adjust the recording volume using the slider next to the audio bars.


The audio quality is garbled/poor

This could result either from the mic/camera being too close or too far from the presenter, or poor mic hardware. Do some test recordings with various distances to identify which is causing the issue. If needed, try recording with another webcam. GoReact will record whatever audio signal is sent to us from the recording hardware.

There is no audio on my recording

Check your microphone source. Click the microphone dropdown menu on the recording screen to make sure the mic input is the correct one. Also check your audio level on this screen in the lower left and make sure you see green bars on the meter when you speak.

Flash can't access my camera and microphone

Due to recent security updates in Chrome, if you're using GoReact through your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, etc.) and our tool is being loaded in an iFrame in Chrome, Flash may be unable to access your camera and microphone. There are three ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Contact your instructor or LMS admin and have them enable the option to open the GoReact tool in a new tab or window. This option will be found in the tool settings in the LMS. (Please see our tool setup guides for your specific LMS here. Make sure to select the logo at the top for your platform.)
  2. Each LMS platform is aware of the issue and many have already released an update to allow for the new Chrome security restrictions. If your platform has already received this update, iFrames will work correctly with Flash and no further action is needed. If you haven't received this update (ie. iFrames aren't working with Flash), contact your LMS admin and request that your platform be updated.
  3. Switch to another browser (Firefox, Edge, Safari) until your LMS settings can be changed per step 1 or until your platform has received the update in step 2.
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