Adobe Flash is required for recording in GoReact.  It needs to be updated regularly, must be enabled in your browser, and has to be granted access to your camera and microphone.  Here is how to check, update, and enable Flash for each of the major browsers on both PC and Mac.

What browser are you using?


1.  Is Flash installed?

  • With Chrome, Flash is built-in so there's no need to install it separately.

2.  Is Flash up to date?

  • To update Flash in Chrome, you just need to update the browser itself.
  • At the top right corner in Chrome, click the ellipses buttonMore.
  • Click Update Google Chrome. (If you don't see the Update button, you're on the latest version and can skip to step 3.)
  • Click Relaunch.


3.  Is Flash enabled?  Has GoReact been allowed access to your camera and microphone?

While you are on the GoReact dashboard,

  • To the left of our web address at the top of the browser, click the Lock unnamed.png or Info unnamed__1_.png button.
  • At the bottom of the popup, click Capture.PNGSite Settings.
  • In the new tab that opens, select Allow next to Camera, Microphone, and Flash.


  • Go back to our website and reload the page.

4.  Adobe Flash is asking for access to my camera and microphone.

  • When entering the recording screen in GoReact, Flash may ask you for additional permission to access your camera and microphone. This is required, so make sure to check Allow and Remember, then Close. If prompted more than once, Allow each time.


After stepping through the steps above, if you are still seeing a black screen for the camera, your OS privacy settings may need to be changed. Please see the Additional Steps for your specific OS in the Troubleshooting: camera guide.

Additional Adobe Flash settings

After enabling Adobe Flash, you'll see the Adobe Flash permissions pop-up. Make sure to select "Allow" to enable camera access through Flash.


If you are NOT getting this permission box, it may have already been blocked. On the recording screen, right-click, and select "Settings."


Select "Allow" and "Remember" for camera and microphone access. Then, click the camera tab and make sure that the correct camera is selected in the drop-down menu.


Alternatively, you can check the Adobe Flash website to change your Website Privacy Settings for GoReact to "Always Allow."


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