Downloading a video

How do I download a video?

Follow these steps to download your video.  If you are downloading your video from a Stimulus assignment, only the response video will be downloaded (not the stimulus video).

  1. Click the thumbnail of your video to enter the playback screen.
  2. Then, click the "Download" button in the upper right-hand corner.


In the following cases, downloading videos is not permitted:

  • Your organization has blocked downloads.
  • The video is a YouTube video.
  • You are not listed as a presenter on the video.  
  • The assignment has the single attempt setting enabled.

How do I save the feedback?

To save the feedback:

  1. Click the ellipses ⋮ button at the top right corner of the feedback panel, and select "Print Comments." The feedback will open in a new tab.


  2. Print the page according to your browser's instructions, then print/save the file as a PDF.
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