Deleting or Restoring a Video

Please Note

Videos that have been deleted will remain in your "Trash" tab for 30 days. They will automatically be permanently deleted after 30 days.

A video cannot be deleted by the Presenter if it already has feedback or grades given by the Instructor. If you need to delete your video but do not have the ability to, please reach out to your Instructor to have them delete it. 

Deleted videos are located in the "Trash" folder, and are only visible by the presenter of the video.

Deleting or Restoring a Video

To the right of the video, click the ellipses ⋮ icon, and select "Delete".


If it has already been deleted, go to your "Trash" folder, click the ellipses ⋮ icon to the right of the video, and select "Restore" if you wish to restore the video, or "Permanently Delete" if you wish to permanently delete it.

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