Adding slides to a video

Before you can add slides to your recording, you need to save your slides as a PDF file. Here are a few of the most common applications used to create slides, and instructions on how to save them as a PDF:

  • PowerPoint - To convert your PowerPoint slides to PDF, please see Microsoft's guide here.
  • Keynote - To convert your Keynote slides to PDF, please see Apple's guide here.
  • Google Slides - To convert your Google Slides to PDF, click File > Download as and select PDF. Then select Save.

Please note that Slide Sync is only available for Standard assignments and the "Presenter slides" setting must be enabled by your instructor before you can add any slides.


Adding a Slide Deck during recording

  1. Click "Start Assignment."


  2. Click "Add PDF Slides" and upload your PDF file.


  3. Once your slides have finished processing, click "Continue."
  4. Click "Continue to Recorder."


  5. If you see the Equipment Check and it passes, press "Continue." If the equipment check fails, see Enabling your camera and microphone.
  6. On the left-hand side, below "Record Slide Timings," click "Got It!"


  7. Click "Record" to start recording.


  8. As you record, use the right/left arrows or the next/previous buttons to change slides at the appropriate time.


  9. When you are finished recording, click "Finish" and then "Post."

Adding a Slide Deck after recording or uploading

If your video was recorded or uploaded without a Slide Deck and you need to add one,

  1. Play your video and click the Slide Deck icon above your video.


  2. Choose your PDF file and wait for it to upload.


  3. While playing your video, use the right/left arrows or the next/previous buttons to change slides at the appropriate time.


  4. Click the "Done" button in the bottom right to save your Slide Timings and return to the feedback screen.

Edit Slide Timings

To edit your slide timings,

  1. Play your video and select "Edit Slide Timings."


  2. Hover over the applicable slide number and select the Edit icon.


  3. Click the timestamp and use the slider or the +/- buttons to adjust the time.


  4. When you are finished, click the green checkmark to save your changes.

Removing a Slide Deck

If you need to remove your slide deck, play your video, select "Edit Slide Timings," and click "Delete Slide Deck."


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