Sharing your Library with your Schoology account

Did you know that you can link your Library with your Schoology account?

After you've added the GoReact tool to an assignment in Schoology, you will see the assignment setup screen.  From here click the "Sign In" button to sign in with your credentials.


Your Library and assignments can now be accessed in Schoology. (Note: This only works one way—you can't share your Schoology library with your account.)

Alternatively, you can also link your library by clicking the Library icon on the bottom right of any Schoology assignment and then by clicking the "Connect my Library" button.



GoReact in Schoology and are separate platforms so that means courses, videos, payments, and student registrations are not interchangeable between them. These steps allow you to copy previously created assignments and library items, but your accounts are not linked in any other way.  To create or access any Schoology course content, you and your students must log in directly through Schoology. Do not create anything on
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