Follow these instructions to add the GoReact external tool to your Schoology course.

  1. Open your Schoology Course.
  2. On the left, open the Course Options drop-down menu.
  3. Click External Tool Providers.


  4. Click "Add External Tool Provider."

    Add External Tool Provider

  5. In the "Tool Name" field, enter GoReact.
  6. For the "Consumer Key" you must contact GoReact Support to get your unique key.
  7. For the "Shared Secret" you must contact GoReact Support to get your unique key.
  8. Select "Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool" in the "Privacy" drop-down.
  9. Select "Manual" in the "Configuration Type" drop-down.
  10. Select "Domain" in the "Match By" drop-down.
  11. In the "Domain/URL" field, enter


  12. Click "Submit"

Now you are ready to Create GoReact Assignments in Schoology.

Important Note

In order to increase security and improve the GoReact experience, we have recently made the following changes:

  • If you have the old Launch URL in the GoReact tool that contains "" it must be updated in your platform.  (If you have the new URL that contains "https://lti.goreact..." then you are good to go and no changes are needed there.)
  • For all existing LMS users, the old key and secret with goreact and your email address will need to be updated. Please work with our support team to provide a new, unique key and secret.
  • For new users setting up GoReact in your LMS for the first time, follow the steps in this guide.  

Please note that your Schoology administrator will need to reach out to our support team here to make these adjustments.  In the coming months, existing assignments will become inaccessible in some cases until these changes are made.  As soon as we've determined the date that this will be required by we'll add it here, but we recommend making these changes as soon as possible.

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