Adding GoReact to Schoology

Follow these instructions to add the GoReact external tool to your Schoology course.

  1. Open your Schoology Course.
  2. On the left, open the Course Options drop-down menu.
  3. Click External Tool Providers.


  4. Click "Add External Tool Provider."

    Add External Tool Provider

  5. In the "Tool Name" field, enter GoReact.
  6. In the "Consumer Key" field, enter your email address.
  7. In the "Shared Secret" field, enter goreact (lowercase). 
  8. Select "Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool" in the "Privacy" drop-down.
  9. Select "Manual" in the "Configuration Type" drop-down.
  10. Select "Domain" in the "Match By" drop-down.
  11. In the "Domain/URL" field, enter


  12. Click "Submit"

Now you are ready to Create GoReact Assignments in Schoology.

Custom Key and Secret

If you would like to update the key and secret for your organization to a custom combination,

  1. Follow this guide to set up the tool with the generic key and secret.
  2. Create a GoReact assignment and open it.
  3. Once you see the GoReact dashboard, contact the support team to request a unique key and secret.
  4. Update the tool in Schoology with the provided key and secret.
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